Status: Coming Soon
Category: Bid Management, Construction Management, Field Management
Works With: Docs, Plan
What the Bidtracer Integration Does
  • Strongly connects subcontractors and field workers to the office. Easily communicate RFIs, Submittal
  • Track Your Bids and Plan Management Tool - Current Plan Set Marking Track Changes/Bulletins
  • Invitation To Bid For Subcontractors Invite Unlimited Subs/Vendors, Unlimited Document Storage
  • Submittal Builder Tool
  • Purchase Ordering Tool - Order Directly to Source Pull Line Items from Estimate
  • Engineering Tool - Compare against estimate Create Gantt Schedule
Integration Details

*  Track leads and opportunities designed for construction out of the box
*  Powerful bid tracking from budget to awarded with document management
*  Invite subcontractors by giving them access to plan management for FREE
*  Easily communicate RFIs, Submittals & CORs with internal and external contacts

About Bidtracer

 Bigtracer is a web-based software that is specifically designed for construction.  Bid management with CRM, Reporting, Invitation Management, Estimating, Quoting, Project and Document Management makes Bidtracer the ultimate sales and management tool. 

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