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Category: Site & Safety Management
Works With: Docs
What the EC3 Integration Does
  • Export material types and quantity take-offs from BIM 360 to the EC3 embodied carbon tool.
  • Display embodied carbon intensity and savings in the Large Model Viewer (LMV).
  • Generate recommendations for specifying affordable, low-carbon construction materials.
Integration Details

Log into EC3.  Import a building.  Map the BIM view into a view convenient for quantity capture.  Enter approximate specifications (e.g. strength, slump) and location to get climate impact of nearby building materials.  View impacts, download to Excel, or annotate back to BIM in 3D.

About C Change Labs

C Change Labs exists to help our clients implement effective climate action in a competitive market environment through easy-to-use software, powerful visualizations, large-scale cloud databases, and industry-specific customization.