Category: Scheduling, Construction Management, Field Management
Works With: Field, Glue, Ops, Docs, Team, Plan, Layout
What the HyperCast Integration Does
  • High-Definition weather data and forecasts, to support real-time and short-term decisions
  • Your BIM 360 project will automatically be added as a location to the HyperCast dashboard
  • Set personalized weather alerts for locations and polygons, and stay ahead of the weather
  • Access the best short-term prediction engine in the world, with real street-by-street resolution
  • Share the alerts with everyone on your team through emails or SMS
Integration Details

HyperCast is a SaaS dashboard featuring ClimaCell's weather engine. ClimaCell developed a novel weather sensing technique, analyzing changes in wireless signals to see the weather. We reach 10X the resolution of radars, which helps us generate forecasts at an unprecedented accuracy. 

About ClimaCell

ClimaCell™ is the only provider of accurate street-level, real-time and minute-by-minute near-term forecasts. The web-based, tablet-friendly dashboard and API combine proprietary weather data, with machine-learning analytics and automated alerting to minimize weather's impact on business operations.

Learn More About This Integration

ClimaCell provides the most accurate weather data in the world by integrating ClimaCell's proprietary data extracted from wireless networks with data from traditional sensors. With 90% correlation to ground truth (vs. 50% using radar), it's the best you can get for your enterprise. 

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