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Category: Field Management, IoT
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What the SiteSense Integration Does
  • SiteSense pulls BIM material components and attributes from BIM 360
  • SiteSense field users and IoT devices update status information of the material components
  • SiteSense feeds the new material status updates automatically back into BIM 360
  • Autodesk displays the real-time status feed from SiteSense to help plan construction work packages
  • Materials are color coded in the Autodesk Viewer to show actual progress and constraints
  • Construction work packages that are constraint free can be released for construction
Integration Details

With two-way integration into BIM 360, SiteSense pulls BIM details allowing field crew to visualize, control, progress and report on material items from a tablet or automatically via an IoT sensor associated with the material piece. The updated status from SiteSense is then pushed back into BIM 360.

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Intelliwave Technologies' SiteSense® products are global award-winning Web and Mobile-based software solutions for identification, tracking and site control of construction materials, equipment, and workforce on all sizes of industrial, civil, and buildings projects.