Qalgo GmbH


Category: Project Management & Scheduling
Works With: Build, Coordinate, Docs, Team, Plan
What the Synapcus Integration Does
  • Synapcus® modules are: Business Partner Management, Collaboration and Task Planning, Time Management
  • Leads Management, Opportunity Management, Project Management, Document Management, Controlling,
  • Supplier Ratting, Financial Management, Human Resources, BIM Chat App
Integration Details

Synapcus® offers modules to efficiently acquire and complete projects, best manage company workflows and knowledge and accelerate new business opportunities, as a unic integrated allround software for construction industry on the market.

About Qalgo GmbH

Qalgo GmbH is a software company which designs and develops business software applications using high-tech experiencegood ideas and a lot of passion for creation. Our aim is to provide top quality professional IT and management services in order to drive business value for our clients.