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What the Shedmate Integration Does
  • Create a BIM 360 project and the folder structure, invite users and set permissions in a few clicks.
  • Feed information and export Revit (.rvt), IFC, DWFx, and DXF files from Shedmate to BIM 360.
  • Sync the most updated shedmate project with your BIM 360 account
  • Create and invite any new group of users to a BIM 360 project directly from Shedmate.
Integration Details

Users can link their Autodesk account, allowing Shedmate to automatically go through the entire process of creating a new BIM 360 job, establishing the admins, copying the project folders, inviting user groups to the project, and uploading CAD, Revit, DWFx, and IFC files to BIM 360, in minutes.

About Shedmate

Shedmate is an Australian based company with a mission to bring time and money savings for all shed builders and designers, providing the tools so ayone can create BIM data, design, engineer, detail, and quote a Shed in minutes, from any device. 

Learn More About This Integration

Shedmate augments its project management solutions with a new Autodesk BIM 360 integration. 

Shed builders and designers can now use the Shedmate web-browser platform to create BIM 360 projects, invite users, feed information and export files (CAD, Revit, .DWFx or .IFC) from Shedmate to BIM 360.