Category: Site & Safety Management
Works With: Build, Docs
What the Integration Does
  • Aggregates, organizes and analyzes all construction photos and videos
  • Integrates directly to BIM 360 and other systems and devices
  • Mobile app captures photos and videos saving 60% time for field inspections
  • Uses speech and image recognition to automatically detect objects, materials, and safety hazards
  • Alerts project and safety teams to take actions to improve quality, safety, and productivity.
Integration Details's solution makes it easy to organize photo and video data in a single view through our direct integration to BIM 360 Field/Docs and one-click uploads from mobile phones and tablets, shared file systems, wearables, and UAVs.'s integration to BIM 360 can be setup in 90 seconds.

About enables the AEC industry to reduce jobsite risk by combining the best of human and artificial intelligence. Our Safety Suite includes Safety Observations, Safety Monitoring & Predictive Analytics products to give project teams and management the ability to predict and prevent incidents.