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What the The Wild Integration Does
  • Authenticate your BIM 360 account from The Wild, and create a Space from any model in BIM 360.
  • A live link between BIM 360 and your Space will be created, so your model will always be up to date.
  • Collaborate in real time with up to eight people in a Space, fully synchronized, from anywhere.
  • Collaborators can join from desktop, virtual reality, and augmented reality.
  • Your Spaces live in the cloud and are accessible from anywhere, anytime.
  • Your BIM 360 models update automatically, so you're always viewing the latest model.
  • Your team can capture and express ideas in the moment with native sketching and annotation tools.
Integration Details

The Wild for BIM 360 makes 3D models immersive and interactive, offering invaluable context to unlock smarter decisions from design through construction. Meet inside project models at any time from VR, AR, or desktop, making real-time coordination and collaboration easy and accessible from anywhere.

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Value Proposition for The Wild
Robert H.
What do you like best?
Real-time multi-user collaboration in VR, empowers our teams and clients to plan, review and refined a broad range of projects in a much more rapid fashion than traditional tools. Speeding up feedbac...
Real-time multi-user collaboration in VR, empowers our teams and clients to plan, review and refined a broad range of projects in a much more rapid fashion than traditional tools. Speeding up feedback and reviews, while also providing a greater sense of fidelity and true sense of scale and immersion are game changers both for our internal efforts, and for interactions with clients. The Wild allows us to speed up reviews with greater accuracy and even shortens sales cycles by providing full context and visibility without requiring participants to imagine or mentally extrapolate from traditional workflow artifacts. Our development efforts also see a huge boon to productivity thanks to the ability to leverage The Wild as an important tool for pre-visualization allowing us to zero in and get closer to the final results right out of the gate - much of the back and forth is eliminated very quickly, allowing even more time for true creativity to flourish.
What do you dislike?
I have a long list of nice to have features, but here are a few key items that are not necessarily dislikes, but nice to haves: 1. Support for Valve Knuckle controllers would be great. 2. It would also be a huge addition to support HTML content (dynamic and static) as assets within The Wild and as an active portal/method for additional review materials to avoid switching contexts. 3. Similarly, it would be nice to see or allow for a designated shape to be placed and act as a view back through Headset cameras to see the real environment without requiring a switch in contexts/removing headset/putting back on. 4. At some point in the future, the ability to also leverage Editor mode from the 2D client view without a headset - even if it was perhaps a reduced functionality analog or a subset of the features available when truly immersed in VR with a headset. 5. Would be great to be able to create additional teams within an account without requiring support intervention. 6. Support for exporting a scene/space out to additional formats like DAE or USDZ (in addition to FBX) would be very valuable, as well as individual elements from the Assets/Collections, as I've found that would enable some additional workflows/efficiencies - and the ability to control this per user and role. I could provide a great deal of additional feature requests, functionality, etc.- but for the most part everything that currently exists is very useful - and where we have needed hand-holding and assistance the team at The Wild has always gone overboard in meeting our needs and discussing options and paths to accomplish our goals - incredibly helpful always. If I had to hone in on item I do dislike, is how some of the controls are used in VR - very effective use of the aspect of immersed interactivity with controllers in both hands, but the constant mode switching between the two - requires a bit of constant usage to really become second nature. If there were some refinements to possibly allow a bit of control or configuration on how these elements/tools are selected or used, perhaps might make them easier or provide a more direct route to overcome that learning curve. I'm also not a huge fan of the keyboard layout and controls for navigating in the 2D mode - I wish there was also a visual GUI element like some 3D apps like Blender and others that provide a visual shortcut for users to manipulate to control rotation/zoom/etc - in addition to the keyboard controls - even perhaps the ability to remap the existing keyboard based shortcuts would be helpful - the main issue though is for people not familiar with 3D controls/movements and allowing them to become proficient quickly without a learning curve, and I like to believe there may be some room for improvement there, even though I am sure the team has given this considerable thought. I just find that users in the "viewer" role using 2D have found it difficult to keep up sometimes or get acquainted. The ability to quickly share my vantage point, or drag someone along to a current point within a model or space would be useful.
Recommendations to others considering the product:
Speak with Nick, Gabe, Mischa, Emiley, Clay and others on their team - incredibly supportive, helpful, open-minded and generous in their support and guidance - fantastic team behind the efforts and product they have put together. They can answer pretty much any question or guide you down the right path. For me this is a huge differentiator between some of their competitors or other similar offerings in the same space . Having the right people, who stand behind and support their services and offerings is invaluable - and how transparent and available they have made themselves - atypical and to be celebrated.r
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
Remote collaboration, speeding up workflows, providing a more direct and literal representation of physical objects, spaces and shapes and buy or sign off by stake holders in a much more rapid fashion. Creating secondary artifacts for marketing and other use cases beyond engineering. Rough mockups to represent a specific creative state or a jumping off point to be refined. Reinforcement of the need for proper planning and pre-visualization for a variety of types of projects, and the benefits those processes reap when accomplished successfully. Specifically for us we are able to show customers exact positioning, or approximated positioning against existing models or roughed out approximations. We can show variations quickly, and even allow the client or team members to feel empowerment and an active participant in the process, allowing them to have a more direct say and impact on a project - which is often very effective in moving a project along or keeping it moving.
Stellar Product from an Outstanding Company
Kristina W.
What do you like best?
The Wild has been a great solution for us as we learn how best to communicate our designs to clients, and collaborate together in one model. The multi-person environment is key; the avatars are well ...
The Wild has been a great solution for us as we learn how best to communicate our designs to clients, and collaborate together in one model. The multi-person environment is key; the avatars are well designed so we can focus on the project at hand. This, plus the ability to move objects around and interact with the model in the virtual environment is what sets this apart from many other similar solutions. The Wild's team is always there to help and they truly listen to their customers' feedback. We have loved working in The Wild and look forward to increasing our use over the years.
What do you dislike?
The interface can be a bit confusing for those that are not as savvy with navigation in a virtual environment, but The Wild's development team is continuously updating their product and always listening to their customers. It has improved greatly even since we first purchased the product.
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
We use it for communicating design and collaborating on design options. Meeting in a virtual environment with a 3D model allows all attendees to be on a level playing field and experience the design the same way.
Visualization and Collaboration for BIM
Bradley C.
What do you like best?
Multi user collaboration in a Virtual Reality environment is a unique capability that helps make decisions faster. The ability to see options and change them out during FF&E meetings is great.
What do you dislike?
There are some challenges with integrating non VR headset users into the meetings to participate in the discussion and decision making.
Recommendations to others considering the product:
The biggest differentiator is the collaborative environment... make sure you have more than 2 power VR users to take full advantage of the software.
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
We use Building Information Models in all of our Design Build projects. It is extremely important to get timely feedback in both 2D documentation and our model environments. The Wild helps bring stakeholders into the design model environment to pick out fixtures and finishes in real time with our team. This greatly speeds up the feedback loop from the owners to the designers before we ever get in the field with our construction team.
About The Wild

The Wild, an immersive collaboration platform, uses VR/AR to enable teams to save time and make better decisions by experiencing work together in a shared virtual space. With support for Revit & BIM 360, they’re shaping the future of collaboration by connecting people and ideas across distance.